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Urban Canvas

Interior Design


Website Design, Branding
The problem: Create a brand & website for Urban Canvas, an Interior Design business. Urban Canvas is aiming to create workspaces as beautiful as home offices, inspiring creativity and productivity in the commercial office space. They are looking to transform urban environments into stylish, functional areas where people truly enjoy working. The branding & website needed to communicate this and ensure they reached their target audience, businesses who wanted to elevate the space they spend everyday in.
The solution: A custom branding suite was created then a custom website was designed including, portfolio, service & enquiry pages.
Step/Phase One: The project started with initial research into design inspiration, competitors & the target market. Two creative direction approaches were then created for design directions we could take for their branding. After the creative direction was created I then put together their branding concept This included primary, secondary logos with their full colour palette & font selection. We also included brand application mockups to showcase how their branding would be used across their brand touchpoints.

Step/Phase Two: With the branding created the website design was then brought to life with ease. Ensuring all pages were capturing the essence of the business and how they can service their clients.

Step/Phase Three: Social media templates were rolled out for the business to ensure their branding would be consistent across all touchpoints!