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The problem: Carli & Shannon, came to me for their new business ‘Passive Form’. Passive Form was to be their passive home building company, working on and building homes which focus on the science based building style for high performance homes which use little energy. The branding also needed to represent the characteristics of mature, modern, informed, grounded and environmentally conscious. With the target market of middle to high income earners 40+ who want to build a sustainable, eco friendly passive home.
The solution: A custom branding suite was designed. We worked with our Branding Intensive package to deliver all their brand assets to get started with in only 5 days! We looked at the brand values, pain points of the customer & the target market to put together the branding concepts which would be represent the brand. A custom logo mark was created to represent no only the business values of passive building but to also represent the name ‘Passive Form’. The mark brings together shapes which hold everything together, representing how passive houses are designed to contain airtightness as the ‘thermal envelop’, a key element to passive home building. Exploring and creating a colour palette which also brought together the environment with tones of greens included as well as golds to represent the mature and informed characteristics of the brand. Overall creating a brand solution which stands out in their industry, represents their business and a timeless visually strong logo suite which will represent their business for many years to come.
Step/Phase One: The project started with initial research into design inspiration, competitors & the target market following the branding questionnaire and meetings held together. Two creative direction approaches were then created for design directions we could take for their branding. After the creative direction was created we then put together two design concepts for their branding. This included primary, secondary logos with their full colour palette & font selection. We also included brand application mockups to showcase how their branding would be used across their brand touchpoints.

Step/Phase Two: With only minor changes to the colour palette their final branding was then approved.

Step/Phase Three: All final approved brand assets were then exported for the client to download in a share folder. A brand style guide was also created a guide to using their new branding and how to ensure consistency across all future brand touchpoints.

"Wow Hannah Thank you for taking the time to immerse yourself in our project...We feel you have really immersed yourself in our passive world. We loved that you took on the “envelope” and included this.... The branding is brilliant!"