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Branding, Packaging
Skincare branding for a new approach to skin care. Creating product which can sit on a counter and be used frequently as part of a daily routine. The branding needed to convey this ‘countertop’ appeal as well as connect with the target market of females aged 25-35.
A new ecommerce website design, branding & packaging design was required for the launch of the brand. Beautiful neutral tones were used across the branding to convey the soft, natural approach the skincare range uses in their ingredients & messaging.
Research & design concepts were created to compare two approaches to the branding. After reviewing the concept was chosen and rounds of refinements were made to get the colour pallet just right and looked at brand application mockups to showcase how the branding will be used. Packaging was then created for their products to then use for their new online store with photography created inline with their branding to bring together their online space.