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Shopify Website Design
The problem: OneGym came to use needing an online store to start selling their merch. We recommended a Shopify website to be able to customise & create their store with ease. They also wanted a new look site to replace their old website and bring together their merch launch & brand update. They had a short timeframe so we worked with a custom Website Intensive package to ensure they could start selling asap.
The solution: The Shopify website was designed by creating a custom Shopify website design to ensure all their requirements were met. The site needed to not only sell their merch but have space for their other areas of the Gym where they can promote their services to their members & reach new audiences.
Step/phase one: We were supplied with all website copy, product imagery & information to then design their site & layout from. We wanted to ensure their store was the main CTA of the site by positioning their products in the key areas of the site & the user could navigate to their products with ease. Custom variables were created to ensure both individual products & sets could be sold. We worked out stock inventory problems and created a unique solution to be able to bundle their products. Step/phase two: All product variables were created (colour, size, sets) and tested to ensure the shopping experience was seamless. We also created a mailing list with a signup discount that could be used on their products. Custom coding was used to create a unique design for the website. Step/phase three: All final responsive checks (mobile, tablet, desktop) were made and all store tested was finalised to ensure the launch would be seamless with the anticipated traffic. The Shopify store was then launched after our handover meeting with a handover tutorial of how to manage the site, how to update content, images & products as well as managing the store so they were given all the tools & knowledge to maintain their site with confidence after launch.