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Angie from Meraki Property Styling came to us looking to create their new website design. They had previously tried to build the website in WIX their self but was having no luck finding it alot harder than they thought as well as taking up alot of their time.
We proposed a Wordpress website design with a custom project proposal to ensure we included their ecommerce store elements required as well as looking at a new look & feel for their brand onto the online world. We also included custom quiz creation using Typeform & custom booking setup using a Wordpress plugin BookingPress to ensure all their requirements were met.
We started the website design process with our 1:1 Planning workshop where we discussed content, page structure, user flow and call to actions the website required. We then created their creative direction document where we put together initial research and outlined the plan for the style & functionality of the site. Once approved the website design stage started, designing their full website using Adobe XD so all design & layout decisions were made before the build stage commenced. We looked at how the design would look on a mobile and how the content would respond. Three rounds of alterations were included at this stage to ensure they were 100% happy with the design before the build commenced. We then build the website in a local environment, keeping the site offline until launch. Once completed we tested across all screen sizes, browsers & devices to ensure their site always looked beautiful! The website was then ready to launch and Meraki Property Styling then launched their website to the world!

You have been so amazing to work with - not just from a graphic design point (your obviously amazing at that) but as a person, you’ve taken so much time to explain things to me that I found so overwhelming. Jumped on calls to help me navigate through things i didnt understand. The website as a whole has really given me confidence to go out and make this happen. I was saying last night too that working with someone with such high standards and high quality work inspired me to book a photo shoot and spend the money on making it look and feel high end to match back with your gorgeous work!