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The problem: Bec came to me looking for branding for her new business Leké Beauty, a company which would focus on selling lip products, in particular lip stains, lip care and lip masks. Wanting to offer high-quality, effective & visually appealing lip products. Wanting to ensure the brand personality of ‘Vibrant, Joyful, Sun-Kissed, Modern, Freedom’ & the Brand Values of ‘Natural, Radiant, Freedom, Quality, Innovation, Self-Expression’ were explored and represented in the branding. The mission of Leké beauty is a lip care and lip cosmetics brand inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean. Their mission is to capture the essence of sun-kissed radiance and provide lip products that embrace the carefree spirit of summer.
The solution: A custom branding suite was designed. We worked with our Branding Intensive package to deliver all their brand assets to get started with in only 5 days! We looked at the brand values, pain points of the customer & the target market to put together the branding concepts which would be represent the brand. The choosen direction explored the colours & tones of a ‘Girls Europe Trip’ as the inspiration. The ‘summer holiday’ feeling that emotes from seeing visuals of swimming, hot weather and being carefree. Brining in a touch of more vintage aesthetic to bring together a more feminine, luxury feel to the brand colours & typefaces explored. The colour palette gave a sense of fun & freedom being on holiday. It is also versatile for future brand touch points. Bringing together the summer essence of the brand and the carefree feeling the brand will showcase. The product is not only aesthetically pleasing but represents the core values of the brand.

After the branding was completed we then developed both the product box packaging as well as the collection boxes to give the customer a stand out buying experience when purchasing the product. Applying the newly created branding across both brand touchpoints.
Step/Phase One: The project started with initial research into design inspiration, competitors & the target market following the branding questionnaire and meetings held together. Two creative direction approaches were then created for design directions we could take for their branding. After the creative direction was created we then put together two design concepts for their branding. This included primary, secondary logos with their full colour palette & font selection. We also included brand application mockups to showcase how their branding would be used across their brand touchpoints. As packaging was going to be developed after the branding, mockups for brand packaging were shown in the application mockups to help the client visualize the branding concept more realistically.

Step/Phase Two: With only minor changes to the colour palette the final branding was then approved.

Step/Phase Three: All final approved brand assets were then exported for the client to download in a share folder. A brand style guide was also created a guide to using their new branding and how to ensure consistency across all future brand touchpoints.

Packaging design was then developed using the new branding.

"Thank you so much Hannah!! This is just so good! I’m also really loving these colours together. The packaging looks amazing!" "Soooo happy with our unique branding!"