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Goodness Greenness

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Shopify Website Design
The problem: Leah came to me needing a website that reflected her new, beautiful branding! She had already tried to create a Shopify Website herself using a DIY template but it had no branding or custom design. She also needed to add a blog post, custom store design & online booking system for her online consultations.
The solution: A custom Shopify website was designed & built using her new branding & a strategically designed website to ensure all their requirements were met. The site needed to not only sell her products but to promote her services for plant care. Creating a purposeful & outcome driven website that not only conveyed her business with her branding & messaging but would tell her business story in a unique way.
Step/Phase One: Following our one-hour planning meeting, we initiated the homepage design using the new branding and design elements. This resulted in a unique, custom website tailored specifically for Goodness Greenness.

Step/Phase Two: After designing and offline approval of the entire site, we proceeded to develop the custom Shopify site. This involved creating products, setting up blog templates, and ensuring the website’s responsive design was thoroughly tested and developed. Additionally, a mailing list with a signup form was implemented for effective audience outreach, utilising custom coding to enhance the website’s uniqueness.

Step/Phase Three: Comprehensive responsive checks across various devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) were conducted, and final store testing was completed to guarantee a seamless launch. The transition from the existing website to the new custom Shopify site was seamlessly executed after the domain transfer. A successful launch followed our handover meeting, including a tutorial on site management. This covered updating content, images, and products, along with store management, providing all the necessary tools and knowledge for confident post-launch maintenance.

"Thanks so much Hannah – that’s awesome! I’m so excited, it all looks so wonderful. " It’s been amazing working with you...- you’ve been wonderful!"