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Big Ideas Company

Lighting Control Systems


Wordpress Website, Graphic Design
Big Ideas Company came to us originally for an updated branding, we looked updating their designs across their product brochures, product displays, newsletter email templates then their website redesign.
A new Wordpress website was created to ensure easy product management as well as a custom designed website using Elementor Pro. We created a custom dynamic product page template which would populate product specs, brochures, manuals as required automatically. The design of the website was based around the updated branding on their brochures and other brand collateral to ensure their brand came to life on their site. A Wordpress website was recommended along with our Website Intensive package as they were the perfect fit.
We started the project with a planning workshop where we discussed their sitemap, content, userflow and CTA which would be on their site. After the approval of this plan we created their homepage design using Adobe XD to look into styling of their site and the transfer of their branding onto the online world. We confirmed button styling, header & footer layouts & how the site would flow. We wanted their website to direct their users easier to their product range as well as ensure uploading content would be simple. We had 3 rounds of refinements to the offline design of the site to ensure all design changes were made & all layout decisions were final before replicating & building the design onto Wordpress. Once the offline designs were approved the Wordpress website was created. All interactions & animations were added to the site to bring the website to life from the offline designs. We reviewed the responsive design to ensure the site would look great no matter what size screen the user was on. Final checks were made & we then had approval to launch! We organised a handover meeting with them to go how to use the their new website, manage their products & make any text or image changes with ease. Their custom handover tutorial video was then given which gives them all the knowledge to move forward with confidence to manage their site with ease. A fresh, unique website was the outcome of the successful website redesign and Big Ideas Company was then proud to promote their new site!